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Staff Directory


Photo of Jeni Halowski

Ms. Jeni Halowski


Phone: 403 327-4169

Photo of Lisa Gomke-Prawdzik

Mrs. Lisa Gomke-Prawdzik

Vice Principal

Phone: 403 327-4169

Photo of Kim Cameron

Mrs. Kim Cameron

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 403-327-4169


Photo of Krystal Biesbroek

Mrs. Krystal Biesbroek

Grade 1/2 Teacher

Photo of Dan Braico

Mr. Dan Braico

Grade 4/5 Teacher

Photo of Betsy Fletcher

Mrs. Betsy Fletcher

Grade 4/5 Teacher

Photo of Bret Jesse

Mr. Bret Jesse

Gr 3/4 Teacher

Photo of Lynette Kostiuk

Mrs. Lynette Kostiuk

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Cheryl McIntyre

Mrs. Cheryl McIntyre

ELL Teacher

Photo of Timythi Ober

Ms. Timythi Ober

Gr 1/2 Teacher

Photo of Kali Paterson

Mrs. Kali Paterson

Grade 1,2 Teacher

Photo of Mackenzie Penner

Mrs. Mackenzie Penner

Resiliency Teacher

Photo of Alison Stewart

Ms. Alison Stewart

Grade 3/4 Teacher

Support Staff

Photo of Tyler Braun

Mr. Tyler Braun

Team Support

Photo of Carri Carroll

Mrs. Carri Carroll

Early Education Program

Photo of Michelle Danylchuk

Mrs. Michelle Danylchuk

Kindergarten Assistant

Photo of Erin Davis

Ms. Erin Davis

Team Support

Photo of Cheryl De Boer

Mrs. Cheryl De Boer


Photo of Wendi Legge

Mrs. Wendi Legge

Team Support

Photo of Monica Nobert

Ms. Monica Nobert


Photo of Tracey Pepin

Mrs. Tracey Pepin

Team Support

Photo of Joanne Peterson

Mrs. Joanne Peterson

Team Support

Photo of Mary Ann Potts

Mrs. Mary Ann Potts

Head Caretaker

Photo of Barbara Ramp

Miss Barbara Ramp

Learning Commons Facilitator

Photo of Diane Romaniuk

Mrs. Diane Romaniuk

Early Education Program

Photo of Maggie Taylor

Mrs. Maggie Taylor

Team Support

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