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Care Team

Westminster Elementary School is fortunate to have a team of professionals to provide service to our families and students.  Support Services are voluntary and confidential, unless a student discloses information that they have the intent to harm themselves or another person, OR that someone is harming them.  Students may be seen by a member of the Care Team when it is requested by parents, staff, outside agencies or students themselves.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Application: Site Based Mentee Application 2015

Fair Notice of Risk/Threat Assessment

Our School District believes in creating safe and caring environments for students and staff. Any incident where a student engages in behaviour which threatens or appears to threaten the safety of others will be investigated. Administrators can implement a Risk Assessment for behaviours that are worrisome including writing or drawings with violent themes; references to or involvement in violent activity at school; or an increased interest in activities that are deemed as dangerous to the safety of others. A Threat Assessment is implemented when a student threatens to kill or injure others, brings a weapon to school, or makes direct verbal or written violent threats to others. 


FNMI Liaison: Rene White Quills

My role within the school:

  • Provide cultural understanding through classroom programming
  • Address the need of FNMI students, their families, and their teachers
  • Build relationships and provide support
  • Help FNMI students feel connected in their schools and become successful

You can contact me at: rene.whitequills@lethsd.ab.ca

Available on school site: Tuesdays all day and Friday mornings


Making Connections Worker: Kathleen Vink

My role within the school:

  • Provide family connections to community resources and referrals
  • Provide one to one support for children, youth, and families
  • Advocacy
  • In-home supports
  • Strengths based assessments and goal setting assistance

You can contact me at 403-715-1728 or by email at Kathleen.vink@lethsd.ab.ca

Available on school site: Monday afternoon and Wednesdays all day

For more information, please refer to the Making Connections Brochure Maya Ichikawa 2013

Teacher Counselor: Steph Martin

My role within the school:

  • School Wide Initiatives and Classroom Programming
  • Specialized Groups
  • Individual Counselling Sessions
  • Parent Resources and referrals
  • Work with school team to plan and coordinate counselling consulting services in the area of prevention and intervention

You can contact me at: 403-892-2787 or by email at Stephanie.Martin@lethsd.ab.ca

Available on school site: Monday AM and Thurday all day

School Psychologist: Christie Bates

Christie Bates is a Registered School Psychologist with Lethbridge Public School District No. 51.  Her primary role is supporting the various educational, emotional and behavioural needs of students ranging from Elementary to High School age, utilizing their strengths towards the ongoing development of social, functional and academic skills.

Her philosophy stems from a deep belief in collaboration that emphasizes family voice and choice. She has found this to be true throughout her career and in her current role as School Psychologist. She believes that this collaborative spirit is an essential component of any successful programming, regardless of the context. Please feel free to contact her with any question that you may have.

You can contact her by email at christie.bates@lethsd.ab.ca

Available on school site on Friday mornings.

School Resource Officers

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Westminster is fortunate to have two School Resource Officers supporting our students.  

Our School Resource Officers are Constable Mike Darby and Constable Rob Thibeau.

Role of the School Resource Officer:

  • Participate within the Assisted Learning Environment Response Team (A.L.E.R.T.) while working towards the prevention of youth crime through education, intervention, mediation, conflict resolution, investigation and enforcement.  
  • The School Resource Program impacts elementary, junior high and senior high students within the A.L.E.R.T. partnership while promoting positive decisions among youth.

For inquiries, please call (403) 327-2210.  Check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

Did you know that reports can now be filed online?  Online Reporting can be done if:

  • this incident occurred within the Lethbridge city limits or Coaldale town limits
  • There are no known suspects or evidence
  • Someone did not break into your house, garage or business
  • The value of theft, loss or property damage is less than $5,000 (CDN)
  • This incident does not involve a firearm
  • You are not a victim of a hate/bias motivated crime
  • This is not a theft or loss of a passport, VISA immigration document, citizenship card or government issued funds

Reporting incidents is helpful to pinpoint impacted areas, specifically if similar incidents are happening within a similar location for crime mapping.