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Learning Support Services

Inclusive Education

Students come to school with diverse learning needs. Establishing an authentic sense of belonging is essential to the success and wellbeing of all. In Lethbridge School Division we are committed to creating a learning environment that is inclusive and provides choices to students and parents. Through a collaborative team-based approach we work with families and community agencies towards success for each student. We focus on the development of a continuum of supports, services, and programming options that are intended to address student needs across a variety of settings. Through differentiating instruction and individually identified supports and services, the diverse learning needs of students are met within the context of the regular classroom to the greatest extent possible. Specialized programming is provided to those students who require a different curricular focus or who require a more structured setting.

Who's On the Westie Team

Christy Archer- School Psychologist
Kelsie Enright- Occupational Therapist



ELL Learners

ELL Learners
English Language Learners (ELL) come from a range of cultural backgrounds and bring with them a variety of educational, social and personal experiences. English Language Learners may have recently immigrated to Canada or they may have been born in Canada and live in homes in which the primary spoken language is not English.
English as a Second Language (ESL) programming is provided to assist students who have insufficient fluency in English to achieve grade level expectations in English language arts and other subjects. Support for English Language Learners depends on the needs of the students, the nature of the school’s programming and the number of English Language Learners in the school. Here at Westminster we work hard to have our ELL learners feel included, successful and belong to the Westie Family.